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Dr. Richard Isaacson

The Celestine Prophecy Movie

Added on Aug 15, 2006 - 05:43 AM

If you find yourself reading this review, realize that is not pure chance.  Synchronistic coincidence has led you here to get this message:

Go see The Celestine Prophecy Movie

Whether you are a fan of the book or new to the Celestine vision, you will absolutely love this film!

The Good

The film is based on James Redfield’s worldwide best-selling novel, The Celestine Prophecy.  The prophecy is a journey of the sprit, a quest to discover 9 key insights that predict a major human transformation.  With the discovery of each insight, the viewers move closer to a deeper understanding of his or her place on earth and what is in store for humankind in the future.  The film explores beauty, human connections, and methods to increase our energy.  It affirms that we are active participants in the adventure of life, and the journey continues long after we leave the theatre.

The Bad

Bottom Line

The Celestine Prophecy movie will provide insights to help you move forward on your own spiritual journey.  Mysterious coincidences occur all the time in every person’s life, but they must be recognized if guidance is to be sought from them.  If you would like to increase your awareness of these coincidences, simply concentrate more on your surroundings.  Begin by going to see this movie.

Rating: 5/5

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