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Dr. Richard Isaacson

Light Therapy

Added on Sep 11, 2006 - 04:30 PM

Are you one of those people who gets the winter blues?  The days get shorter, there is less daylight, and maybe this makes you feel a bit down…
Do you work the night shift and feel as though your circadian rhythms are thrown off?  Or perhaps you just do not get enough light in your small office window?

Whatever the case, light therapy can help!  I have always been one of those people with bizarre sleeping habits, one week I sleep too much, the next week I can’t sleep at all.  Apparently sleeping at off times can cause mood swings and “circadian rhythm disorder.”  I took this Circadian Rhythm Assessment Test and this is what the results showed:

Circadian Rhythm Assessment Results

The Good

Anyway, I purchased a light therapy lamp recently and have noticed the incredible power of light.  Working under the light therapy lamp for just 30 minutes in the morning has really brightened my day.  I have felt happier, more motivated, and less prone to mood swings. I bought a light therapy lamp here: Full Spectrum Solutions The full spectrum of colors makes the room appear bluer, and more like natural daylight.  I much prefer working in this type of light.

The Bad

Light boxes or light therapy lamps can be pricey, but its well worth it to improve your health.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend you get one for the fall and winter months ahead!  See I’m smiling!  :-)

Rating: 5/5

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