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Dr. Richard Isaacson

Ideal Balance - Dr. Karlene ChinQuee - Board Certified OB/GYN

Added on Aug 01, 2006 - 10:28 AM

Dr. Karlene ChinQuee is a Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecological Surgeon.  Her program, Ideal Balance, provides an integrated traditional and holistic approach to Women’s health and wellness. 

The Good

I was very impressed with her thorough approach.  Dr. ChinQuee spent over an hour discussing my mental, physical and spiritual health history.  She explained that it is important for her to connect with her patients, rather than simply examine them. 

She made feel totally comfortable during the exam, taking her time and making sure I understood I was in a safe place.  She also suggested I breathe deeply and use a relaxation mantra.  The exam went much more smoothly then my gynecological exams in the past.

Dr. ChinQuee takes the role of doctor, teacher, and friend. 

The Bad

Bottom Line

I would reccomend Dr. ChinQuee to anyone looking for a compassionate doctor who takes into account all elements of your being. 

For more information about Dr. ChinQuee, please see her listing on The Healing Directory HERE

Dr. ChinQuee donates her profits to Heartbeats Of the World, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of women, adolescents, and children in underserved areas of the world.  To learn more about Heartbeats Of the World, please visit: Heartbeats Of the World

Rating: 5/5

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