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Nan Yi Chun, L.Ac., Herbalist - The Healing Directory
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Nan Yi Chun, L.Ac., Herbalist Nan Yi Chun, L.Ac., Herbalist
5 West 36th St., Suite 500, New York, NY 10018 Map
(212) 643-3293

The art of practicing Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine stretches back over more than 5000 years, embracing all the domains of nature- earth and sea, season and weather, plant and animals - all the elements that constitute the universe. NanYi believes that the universe (greater energy) and human beings (smaller energy) are consistently communicating with each other. When there are imbalances of those interactions, illness in the human body can occur and present it physically or spiritually.

Acupuncture is an ancient holistic healing system with many different needle techniques. Acupuncture points found along 12 main and 8 extra meridians are needled with the intention of dispersing stagnation and tonifying deficiencies in the body. The basis of this healing modality is to create balance and harmony in the patient by eliminating disruptions and invigorating the flow of energy (Qi).

Chinese Medicine is also one of the great natural healing arts. In ancient China, the primary purpose of herbal medicine is to prevent disease. It involves two basic approaches. One is personal daily approach to preventive care, such as healthy lifestyle and proper exercise. They believe "Shi Bu" (daily tonifying diet) is more important than taking medicine. Chinese families drink and eat Huang Qi black chicken soup for boosting immune system to prevent colds in the winter, and use mung bean soup for clearing heat in their body in the summer. Another approach is taking herbal decoction when the "Shi Bu" is not enough to keep "Yin" and "Yang" balance. Chinese herbal medicine may take some time. But, results are permanent, when followed up with proper preventative care.

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