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Dr. Richard Isaacson

The Power of Intuition: Defining Our Psychic Ability

Each one of us possesses the ability of second sight. Everyday we experience phenomena that can be described as more than intuitive, as psychic. We simply don’t call them psychic, nor recognize them as such. Being psychic is not about being born with special intuitive powers. Our society has never defined human experience in psychic terms, and thus we do not have the words to describe or label what we are experiencing as psychic in nature.

Human usage of psychic abilities has long been surrounded by skepticism and a sense that all things psychic are in the carnival-scam category. It is also true that many people are aware of their intuitive abilities. What is rarely understood is the link between the two: psychic phenomena and human intuition. Many people who are accomplished in the use of their psychic abilities believe that the principal difference between being psychic and using your intuition is trust. Trust is a major component when working with your psychic abilities: if you trust your intuition 100% then your experience can be defined as psychic, as well as intuitive.

One must trust the information that is coming through. This information is not simply learned facts; it includes the feelings, the inner communication, the pictures, and the personal sense of “just knowing.” Conversely, by not trusting, we are denying the existence of a fundamental human component simply because recognizing it and using it is not a solely intellectual decision.

Defining our Psychic Abilities

In detailing our psychic skills, we are going to utilize terminology taken from a non-Western source where there has been considerable study of human psychic ability and where detailed definitions have been developed. Central to the understanding of human psychic experience is recognition of the chakras: the energy centers within the human body. Our psychic experiences are controlled by the chakras, because they in turn control the processing of information that is at the core of the psychic processes.

The seven major chakras within the human body are found along various areas of the spine. There are also chakras in the hands and feet; their locations correspond with the divisional lines across the body that are used in acupuncture. As might be expected, the major chakras are located where our physiological nerve centers are found. The chakras are also functionally related to the endocrine gland system. The chakras discussed below are only those that relate directly to the psychic functions of the human organism.

Sensing Energy

Clairsentience, the skill provided by the second chakra, is the ability to sense or feel energy. Physically, the second chakra is to be found in the area of the belly button. A more common term for clairsentient is empathic. Many people who are the product of abusive childhoods are extremely intuitive, or as their psychologists would say, empathic. Many of those people can walk into a room and sense “bad vibes,” only to find out that an argument has just taken place or that someone is about to explode. Others of us have walked into a room where someone has just had a loving or healing moment or has been deep in meditation - and have felt uplifted or suddenly relaxed and serene. The second chakra internalizes this information. If you think about it, this experience that is common for many of us is really sensing the energy that is in that room. If you look on it as a clairsentient experience, this concept of energy antennae starts to make sense.

The Voice on your Shoulder

Clairaudience is a skill provided by the fifth chakra. It can be defined as the capability of “hearing” information. The fifth chakra is found near the thorax, at the bottom of the throat. It is a common assumption when we are harried and rushed that our inner dialogue is just an overactive and poorly functioning brain. We are, however, always receiving information on clairaudient levels. All of us have made intuitive decisions on what action to take regarding a complicated issue - the right path just “comes to us.” This is your clairaudience at work. The key to utilizing it is hearing it among all the other mental racket.

Third Eye, Second Sight

Understanding clairvoyance begins by considering the nature of our “mind’s eye.” In its simplest form, the mind’s eye is just images conjured up by memory. However the entire process is controlled by the 6th chakra, which is sometimes referred to as the third eye. It is our ability to visualize not only that which is before us but that which is not. Once again, trust is the key to harnessing clairvoyance. You must believe the “visual” information that is presented by your mind as opposed to your eye. Once you develop that trust, you will be able to work with your visualization skills. With practice comes facility; as the experience is repeated it will become easier for you to accept clairvoyant visions. For many who develop this skill it can be a daily occurrence.

For a moment, think about what your car or your living room look like. Going back a little further, visualize a childhood vacation or a long past neighbor. You are drawing these images from memory, effortlessly. You are seeing without using your eyes - just as you see things on a clairvoyant level. The same mental apparatus is used for both processes.

It “Just Is”

The seventh chakra is located on the top, or crown of the head. The psychic ability provided by the seventh chakra is the intuitive acquisition of knowledge. Sometimes we don’t know how we know something, we just know - and that knowledge is brought to us by the seventh chakra. Since the seventh chakra sits on the top of the head, the information it provides you is not connected or processed by the other energy centers below it. Your seventh chakra is at work when you say or do something instinctually - “Just off the top of your head.”

It’s Just Another Piece of You

There is not a lot of hocus-pocus to using your psychic abilities. It is another of the day’s activities and part of the human experience. On the other hand, it is not a skill that can be acquired by reading a book. We learn it by experiencing it, by trusting in it, and by practicing the skills associated with it. Sounds like a familiar process, doesn’t it? That is what makes psychic ability so essentially human. We learn it the same way we learn everything else.

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