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Dr. Richard Isaacson

Energy Medicine Techniques - Quick Methods for Shifting Thoughts

Technique #1:  for instant relaxation:

1)Either sitting or lying, cross left ankle over right.

2)Put back of right hand on top of back of left hand, turn palms together and
clasp fingers, and bring arms to chest.

3)Place tip of tongue 1/4” behind upper teeth (soft/hard palate junction.)

4)Breathe deeply for 2 minutes.

Technique #2:  for centering/unblocking repetitive thoughts, anxiety, behaviors, and mental/emotional root causes of physical symptoms:

1)Tap with 3 middle left hand fingers from left temple bone back to over ear, stating a negatively worded affirmation, e.g.:  “Even though I no longer need to overeat ice cream for comfort, I love and accept myself completely” or, “I no longer need to have my sinusitis,” (specific problem, emotional state, or physical health issue)  and I love and accept myself completely.”

2)Tap with 3 middle right hand fingers from right temple bone back to over
ear stating a positively worded affirmation:  e.g. “I eat perfect amounts for
my body’s needs,”  or “My sinuses are perfectly healthy,”  “My intestines are perfect healthy.”

Technique# 3:  for instant centering/focusing:

1)Extend right arm in front of face with thumb pointing upward.

2With head straight, trace infinity sign (∞) in one direction, 3 times, then in
the opposite direction.

3)Repeat movements with left arm.

4)Now put both thumbs together and repeat:  one direction and then the other.

Technique #4:  for instant visualization:

1)Concentrate on a memory of a positive feeling:  of feeling happy, confident, strong, grateful,
peaceful, whatever you want to feel.  You can go back to a place you’ve known in your life, or a time in your life, where and when you felt peaceful and happy. 
Or, you can create an image of yourself, in this state of mind/emotion.  Whatever this image is (i.e. healthy, thin, free from specific illness, situation), feel the sensations that occur when you do this:  lightness, freedom, peace, etc.

2)Tap on third eye point (in between and slightly above eyebrows with first 3 fingers of each hand together (thumb, first and second fingers.)

3)Tap for at least 1 minute while concentrating on these thoughts/feelings.

Technique #5:  good for centering, focusing, and relaxation; to immediately shift from obsessive/anxiety thinking (“cross crawl exercise”)

1)While standing or sitting, raise left knee towards chin and tap it with right elbow.

2)Raise right knee toward chin and tap with left elbow.

3)Repeat pattern back and forth for at least 1 minute or until you feel more clarity.

These techniques were developed by Robert Callahan, Donna Eden, Fred Gallo, Carol Look,  and Rob Williams.  For more details, Donna Eden’s book:  “Energy Medicine,” is an excellent resource. 

Copyright © 2006 Patricia A. Muehsam, M.D.

Dr. Muehsam is a holistic medical doctor practicing in New York City. She can be reached by phone at (212) 946 - 5700.

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