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Dr. Richard Isaacson

Colon Hydrotherapy : Another Form of Cleansing

Colonic Health - Another Form of Cleansing

Periodic cleansing of our various physical components has been standard procedure for all of us since we were infants being plopped in a tub. Internal cleansing is a process that we don’t engage in much which can be a valuable addition to health habits.

One such improvement is cleansing of the colon. The colon is part of your digestive tract - the final part - and very easily gets blocked by waste that hardens over time. This symptom can be especially acute in those who have or have had a poor diet or gastrointestinal problems like constipation.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a treatment that has been developed to alleviate internal toxins for those of us who are having symptoms, and to prevent them for those of us who are pursuing a healthy program of preventive medicine. It is a process in which you have your colon cleaned out in order to wash away the waste before the bacteria and toxins that develop there are absorbed into your blood stream; just as you would wash a dangerous chemical off your hands.

Benefits that Radiate Outward

While there are no scientific studies to prove the direct link between colon health and specific illnesses or disease, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence showing that people who undergo colon cleansing enjoy a number of benefits. Certainly, constipation, the discomfort and the bloating caused by it can be alleviated with colon cleansing. Other health issues that have shown beneficial support from colon cleansing include:

+ Indigestion and persistent gas
+ Smoking cessation
+ Alcohol and drug detoxification
+ Asthma
+ Skin problems
+ Allergies
+ Migraines and other headaches

Colon hydrotherapy is a good counter-measure for difficulties associated with a poor diet. High blood pressure, heart disease, colon cancer - the potential for all of these serious problems will be lessened by regular detoxification of the system. Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most direct and effective cleansing methods available.

A Simple Treatment Without Discomfort

Colon cleansing is a simple, efficient tool and, contrary to popular myth, not invasive or painful in the least. You will lie on your back or on your side while your hydrotherapist inserts a plastic tube that is soft, painless and disposable into your anus. Using the tube, your hydrotherapist will pump moderate amounts of filtered water into your colon. The water is the same temperature as your body and may contain herbs or enzymes that enhance the purification procedure.

While the water is in your colon, your hydrotherapist may massage your stomach in an effort to help your intestinal walls let go of the impacted waste. The tube remains in place; however periodically the vacuum on the tube that pumped the water in will be reversed, sending the water, and with it your impacted waste, into a sealed system - resulting in no mess or smell. This will be repeated several times throughout your hour long session, using about 20 gallons of water for the entire process.

Making Hydrotherapy Part of Your Health Regimen

It is recommended that everyone have a session annually. You may choose to undergo a colon hydrotherapy session on a regular basis as a part of regular health care maintenance. Or, you might choose to seek out treatment simply when you are feeling particularly sluggish and unwell and would like to detoxify your system.

For those of us with active chronic health problems like fatigue, constipation, or digestion difficulties, multiple colon hydrotherapy sessions may well be in order. Discuss your choice of colon hydrotherapy with your doctor if this is the case, and be sure to inform your hydrotherapist ahead of time of any and all pre-existing conditions.

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